4 Elements for a Smart Disconnect

Respaldo en la Nube

4 Elements for a Smart Disconnect

Which oasis in the desert or Coca Cola on hot day, as well as the days of long after an intense start of the year. It is the perfect space to unwind, relax and let go of the stress that day-to-day life brings us.

Whether we leave the city or stay in a house (as I love and enjoy living in an empty city hehehe), it is important that we take the time to pull the cord that connects us to the world. That we can reflect and evaluate how the goals we have set for 2018 are going.

Thinking about some ideas to apply to myself, I would like to write this post with four elements that help me disconnect myself intelligently. Here they go:


One of the reasons why it is difficult for us to get away from our children’s work. Our brain is programmed to constantly remind us what we still have to do. I loved this way of expressing what I found in English here:

“Your brain is like a hard drive.” A multi-layer hard drive, super epic and wildly complex. When you write down your ideas, thoughts and emotions, you help your brain to download some luggage, giving it space to think about other things. Or better yet, with all that extra space, you could start to relax.”

After making the list (endless) of things to do, identify the priority ones that need to be completed before Thursday. This allows you to focus and put all your effort in the achievement. Completing these tasks gave you a sense of accomplishment and a lot of peace to leave the office with your sunglasses and beach hat.


Another thing that can help you get rid of stress, is having a backup of all your information in a storage service in the Cloud, such as Azure, and I’ll give you the reasons why.

  • If your work requires you to be available after hours, to answer an email or look for information in your files, you should not have to carry a laptop up and down but you could solve it from a chairlong (In Dominican cheilón) on the beach with a piña colada in hand since all your files would be accessible on your mobile or tablet. ** Note: the idea is NOT to work in the holidays (although it is good if you do, everyone has their goals) but if you avoid carrying additional baggage and have the availability to solve any problem that may arise without much complication.
  • The other is a matter of security because unfortunately it is no secret that some take advantage of these days when many houses and offices are empty, to go out and do mischief and steal our belongings, including laptops! Yes, your laptop with that presentation that cost you so much and you must deliver next week or with that “file” of Excel that contains all your accounts receivable. Be cautious and make a secure backup in the Cloud. Leave behind the thought of “it will not happen to me” that many times we will be wrong.


Music is the ultimate! A song can lead to a place of total hubbub and happiness and a different one to a space of stillness and meditation. It is GREAT that today it allows me to carry out all the parts thanks to the applications that exist to listen to it. Now, as we know, these applications need the Internet to work and if they are the same with the luck of living outside the city, the sea on the beach or the mountain, you should know that in the interior of the country there is not always the best signal.

It is important to note that when I say, “relaxation music”. I do not necessarily mean the songs with sounds of nature or an album taken from the pocket of a Buddhist monk, but to what elevates you to another place, what you like and enjoy when you are alone.

Stop a few minutes, make a playlist and download it to your cell phone or tablet before leaving the house, taking advantage of the fast and fast Internet that you will miss for the next 4 days. So, when you get to a place with a voice signal to enjoy your favorite songs without problems.

* Applies for movies and series too.


Last but not least, take the time to enjoy your family and close friends. I know what they say everywhere, but I can´t stop mentioning it, really, it’s that important.

Talk, play, cook, watch a movie, go for a walk, and try to create unforgettable moments with them. Please, seriously, drop the phone! … and if you are reading this on the last day of Easter and you could not apply the previous points, do not worry, just release the phone and give them 30 minutes of your time. Look them in the eyes and listen to them, they feel your total attention and genuine interest in them.

In particular, I have seen that this combination of disconnecting from everything that causes me stress and connect with God and my loved ones allows me to return fully recharged and with all the energy I need to continue fighting for my dreams.

I hope these tips are useful to press the RESET button and achieve that disconnection that we need so much.

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