Is the digital market devouring my business?

Is the digital market devouring my business?

Let’s look at the following image:

  • On the left side of the photograph there are several taxi drivers without much to do. They usually wait for passengers to arrive at another city at the bus stop.
  • Next to the right of the photograph are the “passengers”. As you can see in the image, only one remains.

The main reason is not that passengers have traveled on the bus at that time, it is that they all consumed the service provided by the taxis in a more “millennial” way; they mostly asked for Uber…

Many think it’s normal because Uber is cheaper, but let’s stop and think about the following …

What makes my product expensive? Obviously all direct and indirect costs that must be added to the sale price of the product or service. Uber’s business model as well as Cachicha, Supercarros, Delivery Point and other small businesses in the Dominican Republic, in its cloud platform, where its costs to deliver the service or product is “on demand”, this is administrative terms. called to convert much of their CAPEX is OPEX …

Then, think that a company is the one that defines the product or service that people want to consume, like the famous phrasing of “the customer is always right”. In the case of taxi drivers, they think that passengers are only interested in transport without worrying about the fare, the conditioning of the vehicle or the method of payment. While consumers who want to behave as they want the service; paying with a card in cash, the driver’s score, the security of the application or others.

The consumer of today is increasingly dependent on technology to make transfers, online courses, job search, share news through social networks, obtain remote exercise routines and an infinite number of uses.

Then, going back to the initial question, “Is the digital market devouring my business?” To answer this, let’s think about how much we know about our consumers in social networks, why we are in the cloud or how affordable our product is through the internet.

Imagine that whenever someone else millennials or the generation makes transfers or requests from an application bank, so less and less the staff is needed in cash.

A change in the consumption model, is what is known as Digital Transformation.

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