Microsoft PARTNERConecta 2018: Connect your business to the cloud

Microsoft PARTNERConecta 2018: Connect your business to the cloud

The philosophy of Microsoft is to do everything in its power to achieve the success of its business partners. This will not only be done on a day in which we will cross, but we will stay in the support we have with each of the opportunities we handle.

In addition, Microsoft Partner Connect, an event in which users keep up with the latest market trends and align them with Microsoft’s philosophies that are always a step ahead in the technology industry. Also participating are wholesalers, affectionately called “Disti”, who present their value propositions to us and compete to become our suppliers.

The meeting was held on Thursday, March 15 at the Hotel Intercontinental in Santo Domingo with the slogan “Connect your business to the Cloud”. There are two people over 400 people between business partners, employees of Microsoft Caribbean and Cloud Solutions Providers. It was a very interesting event where the new structure and organization of Microsoft was announced.

This was a bit of what happened:

We started with the words of Ana Patricia Mejía, who spoke a little about Microsoft’s trajectory in the country as it approaches the 20th anniversary on our island. His enthusiasm made the event clear with the right foot and paved the way for Mauro Miyake to explain a bit about Microsoft’s latest transformation. Continuing with the Microsoft team, Verónica Núñez went up to show us the great opportunities that the Caribbean region offers us and invited us to expand the borders of our services.

Personally, he considered that one of the highlights of the event was the presentation by Helmuth Cepeda from Red Hat. Yes, you read well, a world leader in Open Source services at a Microsoft event. That’s the only reason why we already had our attention, but Helmuth also outlined in a simple and concise way the steps we must take to find “The road to digital transformation”

He summarizes them in four pillars and leads us to analyze where our organization is and how we do it. The pillars are these:

  • Optimize T.I. existing
  • Integrate applications, processes and data
  • Add and manage cloud infrastructure
  • Build more modern applications

To close the morning, we had a track of 4 talks with each of the designs present in the event: Intcomex, Nexsys, Tech Data and MC3.

Now, Let´s eatttt!!

After the lunch break, we split into two groups for the afternoon sessions. On the side those of the Marketing and Sales area and on the other the consultants and technical team. Each team has four short presentations from Microsoft Caribbean staff. The first focused on commercial issues: The New Generation of Microsoft Partners and Tools, a load of Silvia Ramírez, Microsoft Product Roadmap in the hands of Federico Muller, Digital Transformation on 360 channels with Tamara Matos and Azure Workloads presented by Juan Hernández.

The second group maintained its focus on the Cloud and received these topics: Open Source with Numericit by Otto Lopez, Infrastructure in the Microsoft Cloud by Nicholas Izquierdo, Modern Workplace by Cesar Cruz and Enterprise Applications in the voice of Federico Muller. You can read more about the event in the press release published in Microsoft in this link.

In short, it was a full day of much learning, but above all a super special mystique where the partners felt appreciated and loved. We were able to network and converse with other colleagues in the industry, exchange ideas and experiences with other partners and interact face to face with the suppliers that support us in our opportunities on a daily basis.

As partners of the year 2017, we feel committed to this company that has left us so much and has helped us to reach our maximum potential. In reference to this experience, our CEO, Luis Guzmán, shared the following words:

“In this period as a Microsoft Negotiation Partner of the year, we have grown in clients and projects, but what is more important in the substantial growth we have had as individuals and as professionals, we feel that we have evolved our sense of commitment to success providing real, reliable and secure digital transformation solutions, always carrying the flag of honesty, work, perseverance and thus achieve the absolute satisfaction of our customers.

We are convinced that we are in the best program of existing business partners in the industry and especially with a partner like Microsoft who really believes in you, respects you as a company and wants you to reach your potential at the highest level, which makes you grow in the train of the latest technologies for the development of real evolution first as human beings and then as professionals, all this on the goal of realizing the fundamental mission of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella: “Empower every person and organization of the planet to achieve more.

There is not much more to add than to expect to be part of PartnerConecta many more times. In our Twitter account @cventech you can see the photos we share in real time.

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