This is what we do

At C-ven Technologies we have a wide range of services at your disposal, starting with Dynamics 365 and other Microsoft products. But the reality is that more than a simple provider it is already a custom to become technological allies of our clients. We help them acquire the most convenient products for their business and we orient them towards digital transformation so that they can reach their goals and always be at the forefront of the market.

In addition to this, we are characterized by our agile project management methodology, which makes our clients feel confident and safe. Through our platform you can access and see in real time the progress of the tasks, the status of each process and the approximate delivery times.

Always with….

Efficient Lifting

The basis of the success of our projects, a detailed lifting and with a focus on the current business needs

Certified Staff

Each of our consultants are experts and certified in the products they work with. It is our commitment to the best results.

Agile methodology

Our clients will love our efficient and dynamic way of managing projects, always keeping them up to date on the status of their requirements.

Dynamics 365

Exceed the expectations of your clients and give them a totally personalized experience that they can never forget. The CRM of Dynamics 365 allows its sales staff with a 360-degree view of its customers and beyond that, the sales predictions according to the history of each profile. In addition, it offers a module of marketing and customer service to help you with the creation and development of campaigns and give effective assistance to any eventuality.

We offer consulting for the most correct implementation of the solution to meet the unique needs of your organization with a business platform that allows you to adapt and apply through Dynamics 365.




Custom development


We live in a digital world, where a search engine puts us within reach of miles of potential customers. Are you showing your best cover letter? Do you already have a responsive web page to this era where mobile is our main means of accessing the internet? If not, then you have reached the right place. We accompany you step by step, from the initial idea to the finished product, available on all platforms.

We provide design advice, content layout and user interface (UI). Whether you prefer a development from scratch or choose to use one of our predetermined templates, our consultants have been completely satisfied with the final result.


Multi Platform


Fast delivery

Cloud Services

Discover why more than 90% of Fortune 500 companies have chosen Microsoft Azure as the most secure and reliable provider to back their information in the Cloud. With our services in the cloud you can reduce costs significantly, while at the same time managing to turn around the performance of your applications.

Azure not only offers storage in the cloud but also a suite of applications that through the IoT and Artificial Intelligence will help you take your business to another level.

Active Directory synchronization

Migrations to Exchange Online

SharePoint Online



The growth of your employees and your business will depend on your ability to acquire new knowledge and stay updated. Receive training at home (in your offices) or in our facilities, for groups of up to 8 people. It is our priority to be able to offer a totally practical and personalized experience which helps us to work with a small number of people and thus be able to guarantee that all their doubts are cleared.

Each of our instructors has the relevant certifications for the training they provide, but also with the necessary pedagogical skills for the facilitator and to carry out our students at the highest level.

Dynamics 365

Power BI

Office 365

Web Development