Dynamics 365 Customer Service: Transforming Latin America’s Oldest Chamber of Commerce

Initial challenge

The Chamber of Commerce and Production of Santo Domingo (CCPSD), the oldest institution of its kind in Latin America, faced the challenge of staying relevant in the digital era. With manual processes and a growing internal and external demand, the CCPSD needed a comprehensive solution that would allow it to maintain its public function of commercial registration in an efficient and satisfactory manner.

Solution implemented

In partnership with Microsoft, C-ven Technologies implemented Dynamics 365 Customer Service as CCPSD’s primary CRM solution. In addition, it used Power Apps and Azure to optimize shift management and support background processes. These solutions were effectively integrated with the Chamber’s document manager, OnBase.

Benefits and results

The implementation of Dynamics 365 Customer Service has had a significant impact on the CCPSD. The face-to-face processes of receiving, digitizing and analyzing documentation have been improved, leading to greater efficiency and quality in service delivery. In addition, the development of a web portal for online applications has allowed 24/7 access from any location and device, providing users with an easy and secure way to manage available procedures. These advances have generated a positive impact both internally and externally, improving user experience and customer satisfaction.


The implementation of the Dynamics 365 Customer Service platform has had a significant impact at the national level, generating significant improvements in two key aspects:

First, user service has been optimized by improving the face-to-face processes of reception, digitalization and analysis. This has led to greater efficiency and quality in the delivery of documentation, providing users with a more agile and satisfactory experience.

Secondly, improvements in the development and implementation of the web portal for online service requests have enabled a service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This portal can be accessed from anywhere in the world and any device, which has made it easier for users to manage all available CCPSD procedures easily and securely.

It is important to highlight that the solution implemented by the CCPSD has not only benefited the institution, but will also serve as a basis for the other 31 Chambers in the country, allowing them to improve their own commercial registry services.

Innovation and differentiation

The implementation of Dynamics 365 Customer Service has allowed the CCPSD to innovate and differentiate itself in its industry. The ability to have real-time, up-to-date information has significantly improved decision-making, providing the Chamber with the agility and responsiveness needed in a dynamic business environment.

“The implementation of Dynamics 365 Customer Service has been a resounding success for the CCPSD. We have been able to streamline our processes, improve customer service and offer a more efficient service,” says Antonio Ramos, Executive Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce and Production of Santo Domingo.

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