Defender for Cloud

A complete secure solution for your Cloud

Security threat prevention for your Cloud

Your journey to the cloud is secure! You can manage the security of your resources and workloads in the cloud, on-premises and multicloud with Defender for Cloud

With Microsoft Defender for Cloud you can:

Efficiently and effectively improve your security

Protect your resources and track your security progress

Get a score to understand your security posture

Review your security posture and compare with benchmark

Define and customize your security requirements and compliances

Get security recommendations for your Azure, hybrid, and multicloud resources

Get security graph of your multicloud environment

Get customized threat intelligence and prioritized alerts about suspicious activities according to your specific environment

You can have a wide range of security solutions for your peace of mind

Let us guide you in define wich security configuration and solution is best for you

Why choose C-ven Technologies for your Project?

Our mission is to make your work easier, more efficient and more productive.

As a Microsoft partner, we have an extensive track record in developing vertical solutions in CRM and cloud business applications. Our experience allows us to deeply understand our customers’ needs. Using cutting-edge Microsoft technology, we design customised solutions that optimise your time and resources, driving your business success.

Multiple Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards

Our hard work and great projects have been recognised by Microsoft thanks to the philosophy of excellence we share with our main partner. We strive to help our customers achieve their goals in a practical way.

Focus on the customer

We commit to each of our clients' projects as if they were our own, in order to exceed the expected results. With a team of certified professionals, we guarantee high quality service and a unique synergy based on personal attention to detail and requirements.

Agile Project Management

Delivering excellent results within the agreed timeframe is our priority. We have project management experts who develop agile methods to provide visibility, improve collaboration and ensure optimal results.