C-ven Technologies is pleased to announce its alliance with Lansweeper’s as Managed Service Provider for the Caribbean and Central America Region

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Increasing our digital transformation services, we now offer you as part of our consultancy: Lansweeper, a solution with which you can Manage your IT Assets and discover any hardware, software, device and user connected to the Network.

In recent years, security and its management have been a great challenge for companies, especially with the hybrid work modality imposed by the pandemic. Now users can be anywhere and work anytime and from multiple devices, making IT environments extremely dynamic and complex.

Which of your IT assets are on-premises, which are in the cloud, which are on mobile devices? With the increase in cases of cybersecurity attacks, it becomes imperative to know how many and which devices connect to your company, at what time, who does it and, most importantly, have constant control of this information.

That is why at C-ven we remain attentive to the needs of customers and the market, which are emerging day by day because of this prevailing journey of customers towards digital transformation.  Having clearly, accurately, and quickly all the information of IT assets and connection to the network, gives companies the opportunity to better manage and optimize their IT operations.

Lansweeper is the solution we offer you for technology asset management, which identifies all connected devices, users, and software within your IT environment, automatically and continuously, providing a centralized IT inventory. It also allows you to discover devices that only briefly touch the network, as well as hidden devices and inactive devices, identifying them accurately.

C-ven offers you key benefits through this solution:

  • Improve security: In times where security is vital in the digital transformation of companies, we allow you to identify risks, vulnerabilities, and non-compliance problems.  That will help you prevent and control any weak points within your IT environment
  • Increase visibility: Eliminate blind spots and discover assets you didn’t even know about, allowing you to have full control of your IT inventory.
  • Increase productivity: With the new dynamics of hybrid environments and the increasing demand of availability for IT departments, automate record keeping and reporting, allowing you to plan much better for updates, tasks and process optimizations, saving time and resources.
  • Optimize costs: With up-to-date information at hand, reveal unnecessary expenses and manage your IT cost-effectively. This will provide you with relevant information when making investment decisions and improvements.

This new alliance is part of our commitment to continue accompanying our customers in every step of their digital transformation, with innovative, agile, efficient and safe solutions.  

Now C-ven Technologies together with Lansweeper, offers you a reliable technological consulting service in which our main objective is: “to continue returning to the client their most valuable asset: Time”.

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