Know Your IT

We provide you with a wide variety of services and tools, like Lansweeper. A solution to Manage your IT Assets and discover any hardware, software, device, and user connected to your Network.

Security and IT management is a great challenge for companies, especially with the hybrid work. Now users can be anywhere and work anytime and from multiple devices, making IT environments extremely dynamic and complex.

C-ven offers you key benefits through this solution

Improve security

In times where security is vital, we allow you to identify risks, vulnerabilities, and non-compliance problems. That will help you prevent and control any weak points within your IT environment

Increase visibility

Eliminate blind spots and discover assets you didn’t even know about, allowing you to have full control of your IT inventory.

Increase productivity

With the new dynamics of hybrid environments and the increasing demand of availability for IT departments, automate record keeping and reporting, allowing you to plan much better for updates, tasks, and process optimizations, saving time and resources.

Optimize costs

With up-to-date information at hand, reveal unnecessary expenses and manage your IT cost-effectively. This will provide you with relevant information when making investment decisions and improvements.

8 Reasons to choose Lansweeper

Asset Discovery: Uncover all network devices & software with precision.

Inventory Tracking: Keep a detailed record of IT assets effortlessly.

Compliance Management: Simplify adherence to IT regulations.

Software Monitoring: Stay updated on software usage and licenses.

Risk Detection: Identify and mitigate security risks promptly.

IT Insight: Gain deep visibility into your IT environment.

Custom Reporting: Create tailored reports for data analysis.

Integration Capability: Seamlessly connect with other IT systems.

Optimizing your work, expanding your business.

We offer you cutting-edge tech to build solutions that optimize your time and resources.