What is GitHub?

GitHub is the world’s leading AI-powered developer platform that helps you store, manage, and share your code. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, GitHub offers you a variety of tools and features to make your coding journey easier and more productive.

The GitHub experience


A single integrated enterprise- ready platform.


Industry-best collaborative tools for developers.


Security at​every step of​the workflow.


Streamline code collaboration and review for faster, more efficient project completion.

Powered by AI

AI Powered Developer Platform to Build, Scale, and Deliver Secure Software.

8 Reasons to choose GitHub

Collaboration between developers.

Track and control code changes

Build, test, deploy with GitHub Actions

GitHub Codespaces for any repo

Secure your code supply chain with Dependabot

AI drives excellence, smarter code, smoother flow

Power open source, get exclusive access

Global trust: 100 million devs building humanity's future.

Optimizing your work, expanding your business.

We offer you cutting-edge tech to build solutions that optimize your time and resources.