Respaldo en la Nube

4 Elements for a Smart Disconnect

Which oasis in the desert or Coca Cola on hot day, as well as the days of long after an intense start of the year. It is the perfect space to unwind, relax and let go of the stress that day-to-day life brings us.

Whether we leave the city or stay in a house (as I love and enjoy living in an empty city hehehe), it is important that we take the time to pull the cord that connects us to the world. That we can reflect and evaluate how the goals we have set for 2018 are going. (more…)


Microsoft PARTNERConecta 2018: Connect your business to the cloud

The philosophy of Microsoft is to do everything in its power to achieve the success of its business partners. This will not only be done on a day in which we will cross, but we will stay in the support we have with each of the opportunities we handle.

In addition, Microsoft Partner Connect, an event in which users keep up with the latest market trends and align them with Microsoft’s philosophies that are always a step ahead in the technology industry. Also participating are wholesalers, affectionately called “Disti”, who present their value propositions to us and compete to become our suppliers. (more…)