Dynamics 365 Customer Service modernises Latin America’s oldest Chamber of Commerce

With its digital opening, the Chamber of Commerce and Production of Santo Domingo achieves greater stability from a single platform by using Dynamic 365 Customer Service as CRM, reaching 14 thousand monthly registration transactions and allowing users to access from any location to the services and requests of the institution.

The Chamber of Commerce and Production of Santo Domingo (CCPSD) is a private, non-profit institution with more than 175 years of history. Since 2002, it has had the public function of keeping the commercial register of companies, i.e. the identification they need to be able to operate legally within Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. “Every private document with a vocation to become public must be registered at the Chamber of Commerce,” says Antonio Ramos, Executive Vice President at the Chamber.

A decade of innovation

Over the past 12 years, the digital evolution of the CCPSD has been exponential. In 2010, it built its first digital infrastructure to support its public function. As early as 2012, it was able to digitise the legal identification of companies. Thanks to a digital process of authorisations, in 2017, it was able to carry out this registration in 24 hours, thus setting in motion a history of constant innovation that had only just begun.

Digital take-off

The real digital leap in quality for the CCPSD took place at the beginning of 2020. After 4 months of product analysis, together with C-ven Technologies and Microsoft, the Chamber implemented the automation of all its business registration processes in order to streamline and innovate in the services they offer and the platforms they use for the public.

“We needed to respond to growing internal and external demand, so we adopted Dynamic 365 Customer Service as a CRM to achieve greater stability from a single platform,” recalls Ramos.

A single, integrated system

With more than 100 active users, the project was based on the implementation of Dynamics 365 Customer Service as the main module. Additionally, Power Apps was used for the shift application, and Azure to support the processes behind the scenes. It should be noted that among these solutions there is an important integration with OnBase, the Chamber’s document manager.

Positive impact on service quality

The implemented platform achieved a strong national impact in two key aspects.

On the one hand, in the optimisation of user service, all the face-to-face processes of reception, digitalisation and analysis were improved, achieving greater efficiency and quality in the delivery of documentation.

On the other hand, improvements in the development and implementation of the web portal for online service requests enabled a 24/7 service that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, whatever the device. Through this portal, users can manage all available CCPSD procedures easily and securely.

It is important to note that the solution implemented by the CCPSD will serve as a basis for the 31 chambers in the rest of the country, so that they can also improve their business registration services.

The implementation was organic

The implementation took a record 14 days, partly due to the simplicity and ease of use of the tool, with more than 100 active users segregated in both the CCPSD and the Chamber of Commerce and Production of the province of Santo Domingo (CCPPSD).

“The implementation was so simple that we reduced the training time for internal users from one week to one day,” says Antonio Ramos.

After its digital transformation, each CCPSD analyst reviews between 80 and 120 transactions per day. On a monthly basis, there are 14,000 transactions of records, changes and modifications of documents, which entail a legal approval process.

“The most important part of this whole process has been the internal user experience. The product provides so much up-to-the-minute information that helps you make immediate decisions,” says Ramos.

An end-to-end user process

The next objective of the CCPSD is focused on the digital transformation project of the Arbitration Court, which is still governed by manual processes.

Moreover, the CCPSD’s wish for the future is to reduce the work of people with regard to the standardisation and analysis of documents by using Artificial Intelligence in its projects.

“Our intention is to make this process as self-manageable as possible for the user. We are on our way to that,” concludes Santiago Mejía Ortiz, Head of Commercial Registry at the Chamber.

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