The world continues to change, and it is increasingly necessary to develop and implement solutions that meet the needs of our customers.  The speed that is required in these times makes it necessary for technological developments in companies to fly!   To solve real business challenges in no time is no longer a fictional idea thanks to Power Platform.

Microsoft Power Platform is a game-changer for organizations looking to innovate, streamline operations, and stay competitive in the digital age. Its user-friendly approach democratizes app development, data analysis, and automation, making these powerful tools accessible to individuals across the organization. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, Power Platform can empower you to harness the full potential of your data and processes, driving success in today’s fast-paced business environment.

As one of the leading low-code/no-code tools, has emerged as a powerful solution to meet the demands of multiple workflows across the organization. This comprehensive platform has the capability of empowering different areas of the organizations to create custom applications, automate workflows, and analyze data without the need for extensive coding expertise.

By significantly speeding up the application development process, businesses can quickly respond to changing requirements and market demands, while at the same time lowering development costs and maximizes the utilization of existing Microsoft 365 licenses.  By empowering more people and areas in the organization to effectively automate routine tasks and workflows, productivity and efficiency across the organization grows.

But these are some of the already known and practical functionalities of Power Platform as we know it.  What happens when we bring the latest AI advances to this low-code development platform?  We have a revolutionized development platform that looks to the future. 

Power Platform: Moving ahead of times leading the new era of AI-generated developments with Copilot.

Microsoft Power Platform has embarked on a journey to empower developers with AI-driven development experiences since 2021. Power Apps was among the first to leverage GPT in a commercial capacity, enabling express design for converting drawings, images, and Figma documents into app user interfaces (UIs). This fusion of AI and low-code is revolutionizing solution-building and transforming work, collaboration, and creation.

By introducing Copilot in Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents the platform further democratizes development and enables even more people to create innovative solutions by the simple use of natural language. Now, anyone can generate an idea of an innovative solution and simply describe it in words, and copilot can create it for you via an intuitive and intelligent low code experience. This innovative functionality will accelerate development for citizen and professional developers alike. By just describing your app, flow, or bot in natural language allows Copilot to create it within seconds, making it remarkably easy.

In Power Apps, Copilot simplifies keeping data at the core of applications by automatically generating data tables. Makers can refine apps using natural language, enabling both novice and professional developers to save time for more complex tasks.

In Power Automate, Copilot streamlines workflow creation by automating flows, saving time and reducing time to market. A 50 percent reduction in development time was observed during the October 2022 preview.

Power Virtual Agents benefit from Copilot as well, allowing quick and intelligent chatbot creation and modification. An in-studio copilot utilizes generative AI for rapid topic development.

Microsoft Power Platform also enhances user experiences with embedded GPT-enabled chatbots in Power Apps and GPT-enabled data exploration, providing actionable insights.

Imagine all the possibilities with Microsoft Power Platform with Copilot.  Here are some examples:

– Expense Reporting App: In a corporate environment, employees need to submit expense reports regularly. Using Power Apps with Copilot, a company can create an expense reporting app.  By describing types of expenses in natural language, Copilot can generate the necessary forms and tables.

– Automated Workflow for HR Onboarding: HR departments need to efficiently onboard new employees. Using Power Automate with Copilot, companies can automate HR onboarding workflows by describing the onboarding process, and Copilot will create the necessary workflows. This accelerates the onboarding process, ensuring a smoother experience for new hires.

– Data Analysis Dashboard: An organization wants to gain insights from their data but lacks expertise in data analytics. Power BI with Copilot can be used to create a data analysis dashboard. Describe the data you want to analyze, and Copilot generates interactive charts and graphs, allowing non-technical users to make data-driven decisions.

– Customized Project Management Tool: Project managers often need specialized tools to manage their projects. Using Power Apps with Copilot, project managers can create customized project management applications. Describe the features and functionalities needed, and Copilot designs the application.

– Performance Feedback System: Organizations require a system to collect and analyze employee performance feedback. Power Apps with Copilot can help build a feedback system by describing the feedback forms and criteria, and Copilot generates the system. This streamlines the performance evaluation process.

These examples illustrate how Microsoft Power Platform with Copilot can be applied to a wide range of real-life scenarios, from automating routine tasks to creating custom applications and chatbots.

In conclusion, low-code development and AI are driving innovation and accessibility in solution creation. Copilot empowers both non-technical individuals and IT departments to bring their ideas to life, fostering rapid innovation with built-in admin and governance tools.

Discover how to elevate your organization’s efficiency enhancements through the innovative Copilot, which introduces a fresh approach to work.

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