Machine learning: find out what it is and what it can do for your business

The term machine learning may sound unfamiliar to some people, mysterious to others, and interesting to connoisseurs. This is so true that only a fraction of professionals in the world really know what this technology represents.

The reason is that we are facing a highly technical field. However, it is important to bridge the gap by explaining what it means and how it is used in business . Although it is also very present in everyday life.

The truth is that the interaction between people and a technology, which is updated almost daily, forces the establishment of continuous learning processes. The idea is to know and be able to handle all these innovations and not succumb in the attempt. Let’s see what this is about.

What is machine learning?

Machine learning is a discipline that is derived from artificial intelligence with the aim of building analytical systems that learn in an automated way. That is, it allows machines to learn without being or being expressly programmed to do so.

It is an elaborate system that identifies hidden and complex data and statistics patterns and extracts meaningful information from them . With all this information, machine learning has the ability to predict behaviors or solve complicated problems.

“Machine learning represents the ability of machines to learn automatically from data analysis.”

In short, it is a constant process of machine learning. The goal is that computer systems or machines can incorporate new knowledge to react predictively to different future situations.

In this way, the expert software is nourished every second by new data. With this information, it is automatically perfected and constantly reaches an optimal level of efficiency.

Machine learning and the business environment

Today, all companies and businesses, regardless of their size, generate huge amounts of data .

This reality translates into a challenge. However, machine learning can analyze all that information to generate new information that contributes to efficiency and cost optimization.

“Machine learning allows to improve the performance of a specific task based on the experience of users and customers.”

Additionally, it can help improve business scalability and even business operations. By integrating machine learning into business processes, machine learning can be an effective solution to increase the value proposition.

Customer Service

Thanks to machine learning it is no longer necessary to have a call center to provide certain services . This is because machine learning can identify words and phrases to generate automatic responses to users and customers.

For example, if a customer wants to make changes, register or cancel a specific service, the system can respond to the request. It will do so automatically, quickly and efficiently by understanding the request made in person.

Data protection and anti-fraud

With this technology, companies can increase information security and data protection. It is feasible because it is able to detect the behavior of intruders, identify attack patterns and issue alerts before they happen.

In addition, it can detect for e-commerce sites, which users are fraudulent . It does so through your accesses, profile, historical and credit data, to name a few.

In this way it manages to considerably reduce the percentage of theft and fraud with false and / or stolen credit cards.

Buyer behavior

This technology allows companies to know, based on historical data, which sales are most likely to close. Also, detect customers with a high probability of withdrawing.

For this, it is necessary that the software is supervised and includes tags in it so that it can analyze specific behaviors . For example, what purchases they made, emails sent and received, visits to the website and calls among other data.

Automated data upload

By incorporating machine learning software, companies significantly reduce the error rate due to manual data entry. This is because machine learning technology automatically loads data.

Thus, it helps companies save time and optimize workforce by using it in other processes to improve business.

Advantages of machine learning for companies

With the help of machine learning, companies and businesses can solve different business problems. In addition, predict complex behavior of users and customers . Here are some of the advantages of machine learning.

  • It is a technological solution developed to guarantee companies the quality and integrity of data and information.
  • It has the ability to predict trends and customer needs. It does so from the interpretation of huge volumes of data that originate from their behaviors.
  • Helps companies optimize decision making in less time.
  • In industrialized processes, automated learning generates predictions that allow maintenance managers to make scheduled shutdowns of machinery. In this way, it effectively contributes to lengthening its useful life, increasing its efficiency and improving its productivity.
  • In applications developed to monitor air quality, machine learning through prediction helps extend the life of air sensors and analyzers.

“Machine learning helps companies and businesses adapt to market changes and the purchasing preferences of customers and users.”

Ideas Summary

The potential of machine learning is huge and limitless. Apart from being used to improve the user experience , it also facilitates tasks and reduces time, costs and resources.

This great data analyzer optimizes decision making. Based on data prediction, it allows actions to be taken to increase the value proposition. Also so that companies adapt better and faster to changes in market behavior.

The same goes for customer behavior. In addition, it helps to balance supply and demand to personalize the proposal of products and services . In short, machine learning is presented as an asset of great value for the business world.

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