Maximize your company’s potential with fewer resources

The digital era has changed the way businesses operate and compete in the marketplace. With the popularity of the Internet and the need to access information and applications from anywhere, the adoption of cloud technology is one of the most important transformations businesses can make to improve their efficiency and competitiveness.

The cloud provides a robust and reliable platform that enables businesses to not only access their data and applications from any location and device, but also provides a consistent and seamless experience by allowing a very easy integration with other enterprise solutions, like the integration of Office 365 and Dynamics 365 in the Microsoft Cloud Solutions.

Benefits of Cloud Adoption

Cloud adoption has proven to be a cost-effective and efficient solution to help businesses do more with less. According to Microsoft Cloud adoption studies, the numbers that demonstrate its effectiveness includes:

– An average 85% reduction in hardware costs and 60% reduction in software costs.
– An average 75% increase in team efficiency.
– A 95% improvement in application and service availability.
– An 80% reduction in energy and cooling costs.
– A 90% improvement in information security.

In addition, the Microsoft cloud offers unparalleled scalability, which means you can adapt to the changing needs of your business. This means you won’t have to worry about running out of storage space or not having access to the processing power you need.

Work with a reliable partner

Transforming your business to a cloud operation can face certain associated risks such as data security, integration with existing systems and staff training. But these challenges can be mitigated with a reliable partner like C-ven Technologies. By working with C-ven, you can rest assured that you are ensuring a successful and effective cloud adoption for your business.

United Capital’s success story

Many companies have adopted Cloud solutions as part of their Digital Transformation, seeing positive results in their operations, performance and quick response to new market and customer’s challenges. One of our featured success stories is United Capital.

United Capital is a financial service company dedicated to the intermediation of stocks, whose main objective is the high-level attention to its clients, through the provision of investment products.  As one of the leading stock companies in the Dominican Republic, United Capital successfully implemented a digital transformation strategy with the collaboration of C-ven Technologies. The implementation of an innovative web and mobile App [United Capital App Tour Virtual – YouTube] hosted in Azure cloud, has enabled United Capital to increase the efficiency of its operational processes and improve customer experience. With the program “Become a Customer from Anywhere”, United Capital developed the concept of digitized the registration and approval process for new clients, as well as offering a fully online service for managing existing accounts and investments.

Before the transformation, United Capital struggled with slow systems, manual processes, and limited scalability. These problems were solved by implementing new and custom developed applications, the integration of the core system to Microsoft Dynamics 365, with new functionalities from Power BI and, all the development hosted in Azure.  

With the implemented Dynamics and cloud solution, United Capital can have real-time insights for decision-making capabilities, and seamless integration with existing systems, boosting inter-department collaboration and operational efficiency.

Partnering with C-ven Technologies was critical for a successful cloud adoption, as C-ven offered guidance and support to minimize risks, define adequate processes and migration roadmaps, while guaranteeing the company’s data integrity (a major point for compliance, which is of vital importance for this financial institution).

Digital era is already a fact. And even more, the integration of Artificial Intelligence in the daily processes of companies is already a latent reality. The integration of these functionalities to the day-to-day operations of companies, no matter what industry, will be the key in maintaining profitable businesses, attracting customers and rapid adoption to requirements of increasingly demanding markets.

Don’t wait any longer to build a better business, choose C-ven Technologies as your digital transformation partner. Start your journey to success now, contact C-ven today!

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