Sued & Fargesa drives its digital transformation strategy with C-ven Technologies and Microsoft Azure

Executive summary: Sued & Fargesa is a leading pharmaceutical laboratory in the Dominican Republic, with the strategic vision of becoming a hub of technological and digital innovations for the healthcare industry. To digitally transform itself, the company contracted C-ven Technologies, which specialises in integrating and developing business management solutions based on Microsoft technology. C-ven provided Sued & Fargesa with a plan to migrate its SAP HANA workloads to Microsoft Azure and unify Microsoft Office 365 accounts on a single platform. This enabled Sued & Fargesa to accelerate business processes, gain business intelligence, simplify IT environments, increase availability of SAP HANA services, maximise performance and reduce infrastructure costs.

Pursuing a vision for the future

Sued & Fargesa is a leading pharmaceutical laboratory in the Dominican Republic dedicated to preserving and elevating the quality of life by providing medicines manufactured to the highest quality standards. To help realise its vision of becoming a major hub of technology and digital innovations for the healthcare industry, the company designed a multi-tiered, enterprise-wide digital transformation and expansion plan, including an integrated ecosystem of digital solutions, to enable its core business operations and activities. But for this strategy to be successful, Sued & Fargesa first needed to create and consolidate a firm foundational technology infrastructure and architecture on which to build its ambitions. For this, the company enlisted the help of Microsoft partner C-ven Technologies with extensive experience in best-practice migrations and Azure-certified staff.

Building a digital foundation in Azure

C-ven Technologies specialises in integrating business management technology solutions based on Microsoft products and applications. After examining Sued & Fargesa’s existing resources, C-ven determined that migrating the company’s entire SAP landscape from an on-premises infrastructure to a Microsoft Azure hosted environment would have a large and immediate impact.

C-ven used Microsoft Azure to develop an effective and innovative SAP migration strategy, enabling Sued & Fargesa to become one of the first pharmaceutical companies in the region to migrate its entire SAP/HANA landscape to the cloud. The plan outlined by C-ven included migrating all of Sued & Fargesa’s logistics operations, warehouse activities and transactional activities (10 production instances). In addition, due to Azure’s seamless integration with other Microsoft products, C-ven was able to unify Office 365 accounts on a single platform, consolidating almost 800 users on a single tenant, which greatly simplified IT management.

Together, C-ven Technologies’ solution, the platform’s robust support and Azure’s flexibility allowed Sued & Fargesa to realise its initial cloud strategy with easy, efficient and tailored connections.

Realising a digital future today

By integrating SAP into Microsoft Azure, Sued & Fargesa has taken a decisive step towards digital transformation, and is laying the groundwork with C-ven Technologies to become a data-driven organisation. The company’s partnership with C-ven Technologies is expected to increase SAP application response performance by 150%, reduce request processing time by 60%, reduce real-time analytics latency by more than 75%, reduce ETL extracts for analytics workloads by more than 150%, and reduce transition times for SAP core migration to the cloud by 30%, ultimately eliminating some US$200,000.00 annually in infrastructure, shared server and storage support costs.

In addition to these quantitative benefits, Sued & Fargesa is also projecting a number of qualitative improvements including faster provisioning of development and test environments along with a scalable production environment that aligns with projected growth. Improved service levels in customer-facing applications, least-cost environments for recovery purposes, real-time sales and cost analysis and faster period close, greater insights into customer behaviour and faster forecasting, all add up to a future-ready landscape powered by Microsoft Azure.

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